Solar Solutions

As we know solar energy is cost effective and Green Energy. It is not only free source energy but also it is technology proved energy. Many house hold preferred to install solar on their roof instead of conventional inverter.

Solar solution for Home:

Hybrenes provide 4 types of solution for the home or house hold .

  1. Off grid solutions: it is suitable for the rural area where power cut frequent power cuts. It is battery based system where the extra energy would be save in battery and use at the time of power cut. Pv system can be upgrade by adding other power generators.
  2. On grid solution: This is a battery-less system that consists of grid-tie inverter and solar panels. This system is maintenance-free and helps in saving money on electricity as you generate your own electricity through solar.
  3. Conventional inverter convert in to solar Hybrid Inverter: By the adding of solar management unit equipment in conventional inverter, any convention inverter changed in to solar hybrid system.
  4. Dc output Based : this system would be cheapest system for the home or house hold. where only DC out will be used and equipment also in DC mode so the conversion losses and transmition losses will be lower side .

Pv Array – Charge controller – battery – load .

Solar solution for hospital

Solar installations in hospital settings require special attention and care as the systems that provide support to doctors and patients are critical and must not be interrupted. Hospitals work round the clock to save lives and to bring new lives into the world. They need 24×7 uninterrupted power supply to do do. However, hospitals are forced to buy expensive and inefficient diesel gen-sets to combat power cuts.  Solar PV panels, however, are noise and pollution free which is more in keeping with the intended peaceful and healthy environment of a hospital.

Hybrenes provide two types of solution for hospital and solution preferred eventually Area wise so that system could cost-effective.

With Autonomy backup system : system eventually would be design for remote Area where power failure duration is more . system would based on critical and non critical load base Because at the time of Emergency power should be continuous during emergency period  .

Our system with Autonomy back up and with thermal Facilities in rural Area.   We ensure that when we connect solar power to Hospital load , only the non-critical loads are synchronized. We also help to ensuring ideal load management concepts for buildings so that power will not only save on battery but also run diesel gen- sets more efficiently.

Apart from that solar thermal facilities will reduce electricity consumption for the uses heating water.

Grid –Connected system :- Hybrenes has developed a complete solution to solve your current energy needs and reduce your monthly electricity bills. With Hybrenes Solar power plants you can reduce energy bills by 80%. In addition, through the thermal facilities you will benefit from Hot water and you could reduce also electricity consume in heating . We synchronize solar power with grid electricity so as to help you get an uninterrupted supply of electricity.


Hybrenes Solar power plant will be able to suffice the entire requirement for the hospital powered by Solar energy. With this system we will be able to…….

  • Minimize the use of Diesel Generators
  • Reduce on Electricity bills
  • Get uninterrupted reliable power

Solar solution for School:

Schools are an excellent place to use solar energy as they operate only during day hours. Solar power is providing to be an excellent source of light and power to schools in rural and urban areas that are lacking or have unreliable power source. In schools systems can be designed at minimum costs as they require very low or in some cases no battery banks, as they operate only during the day hours when our systems generate maximum amount of electricity.

Hybrenes  Solar has in-depth expertise to provide solar power solutions at the best price, customised according to application types and client requirements. Since the system life is expected to be more than 25 years, we have high quality standards to provide our end-to-end solutions.


  • Saves on monthly expenditure on consumption of diesel used in DG sets
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • No voltage fluctuations
  • Really long life
  • Zero maintenance and Zero pollution
  • Easily expandable at minimal costs
  • Income tax benefits
  • Netmetring benefits.
  • Good instance and study illustration for the students.
  • Subsidy benefits from MNRE and state government bodies
  • Big step towards going green and corporate social responsibility.
Solar solution for pump:Our solar power solution serves as an excellent solution for Petrol Pumps level electrification due to extremely remote location of petrol Pumps where grid electricity is available for few hours or not available at all. We install solar power panels to provide enough power that helps in efficiently operating fuel guns and office equipment.

A petrol pump requires more than 5KW of electricity every day for its day to day fuel dispensing operations. This amounts to a total capacity of over 1,440 KW of power required for a year for one petrol pump.

Most of the petrol pumps in India derive power from Diesel Generator sets. The operation cost for running the pumps on diesel generator sets is very high. To give one an approximate figure, there is a loss of Rs 1000-1500 per day as operation cost for running the pump on diesel generator sets. This amounts to a total loss of up to Rs 3,65,000 to 5,47,500 every year by a single petrol pump in India .


  • Can be used on pre installed inverters
  • Economic, Smaller, hybrid systems with battery banks
  • Best solution for places with DG usage of more than 6hrs
  • Saves on monthly expenditure on consumption of diesel used in DG sets
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • No voltage fluctuations
  • Can work in synchronization with Grid & DG sets
  • Tax benefits from government
  • Government/ state Nodal agency incentive on this system installation.

Solar solution for water pump:

Today’s Indian PV market is adopting a new solar power solution- Solar Water Pumping for drinking water & irrigation purpose. and We at Hybrenes  are specialized in this particular segment. These pumps are convenient to use and cost effective. With solar powered pumps you can have a reliable and convenient water supply all around the year. These pumps will provide you independence from grid electricity and are much more reliable than grid connected pumps.

Main Features:

  1. Suitable for 1HP to 7.5HP surface mount and submersible pumps with 3-phase AC asynchronous motors.
  2. Automatic start-run-stop through out the day with water level detection in the tank.
  3. Easy to transport
  4. Corrosion resistant, IP55 enclosure for drive suitable for outdoor installation.
  5. Pump overload, dry run protection
  6. Factory wired enclosure ensures reduced installation and commissioning time
Solar water heater:       Feature:

  • Suitable for domestic(Home)applications available in different capacities
  • Stainless Steel Tig Welded Inner Tank
  • Superior Quality PUF Insulation
  • Pure Polyester Powder Coated Aluminium Outer Cladding
  • MNRE Approved Collector Design
  • Three Target Selectively Coated Borosilicate
  • Pure Polyester Powder Coated Stands & Support

1 Vacuum Tube outer diameter 47 mm
2 Vacuum Tube inner diameter 37 mm
3 Tube length 1800 mm
4 Outer Tank Diameter 480 mm
5 Inner Tank Diameter 380 mm
6 Tank Volume 100 LPD, 125 LPD, 150 LPD, 200 LPD, 250 LPD, 300 LPD, 500 LPD
7 Temperature 65 degree C to 85 degree C
8 Tank Insulation PUF 50mm (polyurethane foaming)
9 Stand frame Galvanized Power coated
10 Inner tank material Stainless Steel 304 L grade 0.5 mm
11 Outer Tank Material Galvanized Power coated
12 Method of Welding Seam less and Non Welding Technology
13 Type of Fasteners Stainless steel/galvanized
14 Type of Grommets Silicon Rubbers
15 Type of Circulation Thermosyphon
16 Electrical Back Up 2 KW/ 3 KW
Availability   system size of SWHS :-100LPD

200 LPD

250 LPD

300 LPD

500 LPD