Telecom Wind/Solar Hybrid System

Telecom station power supply system are the perfect solution for the telecommunication sector

Small wind turbines are the perfect solution for the telecommunication sector.

Telecom stations are deployed in abundance around the world to ensure a sufficient communication infrastructure. In most of remote area, the power requirements for these stations are often provided via environmentally unfriendly diesel generators, which are not only expensive to operate but also with the continued increase of fossil fuel supply, the use of diesel generators will soon become unsustainable.

Renergywind turbines with low service and maintenance requirements make the installation in remote and hard to service locations more attractive.

Application: To provide a reliable, cost-effective and environmentally sound power source for China mobile telecom station in remote area.

From the year of 2008, Renergywind has participated in the design of a reliable power source for telecom stations in rural area for China mobile. Most of the new sites or updated sites were built on mountains and hills, it was necessary that network build and maintenance could be carried at all times of the year while minimizing site visits

The key equipment of the power supply system is the Renergywind Wind Turbine. It is used as a main element of remote power systems in the rural area. As such, this turbine has proven itself over a number of years in the very harsh extremes of weather that can exist in the northwest and southwest of China. Northwest area is windy area; most of MW wind farms are located there. Very strong gusts of wind can happen at any time of the year, especially during the winter, and this is made worse due to the higher altitude and more exposed locations where the telecom stations were to be built.  It was essential that any equipment installed at these locations was durable and reliable whilst requiring minimum maintenance.

The system has been operational since 2009 and the power system at the installation sites has performed extremely well. Renergy installed hundreds of such system for China mobile. And after that, Renergy started to provide such system for China Union, China Telecom.

So far, Renergywind has provided hundreds of such system for telecom customers in Russia, Tajikistan and Iran.

Working principle:

small Wind turbine and solar panel generate electricity, charge into DC48V battery group through 48V wind and solar hybrid controller, supply power for telecom loads.

Diesel generator can be used as backup power supply. System can extent to provide AC power through an off grid inverter, and also available to connect to grid through an on grid inverter.

System configuration

Equipment Technical specification Quantity
Wind turbine RW-5kW variable pitch, DC200V 1
Tower and accessories 8m, monopole tower 1
Wind controller DC48V/100A 1
Solar panel and bracket 5kW, nanocrystal 1
Solar controller DC48V/100A 1
Inverter 2kVA/DC48V/AC220V 1
Battery and Bracket 2V/800Ah 48