Ongrid Hybrid System

In many places small wind turbine produces energy for personal use and the surplus is sold to the Grid. In other cases, all the electricity flows into the Grid and nothing is accumulated. In these cases it is not necessary to use batteries.

On grid system is the most popular system application now. small Wind turbines generate alternating electricity, the electricity is varies in voltage and frequency depending on wind speed. On grid controller converts this electricity into direct current and regulates the voltage within a safe and acceptable value to the on gird inverter. On grid inverter will send all the electricity into grid network.

Renergywind turbine can be used together with Power-one, Ginlong, SMA , Delta, EL inverters.

System configuration:

Equipment Technical specification Quantity
Wind turbine RW-5kW variable pitch, DC400V 1
Tower and accessories 8m, monopole tower 1
On grid controller 5kW on grid use 1
On grid inverter 5kW,

Power one PVI-6000 /

GCI-6K /

Windy boy 6000


Renergywind on grid System advantages

1. No battery, save cost.

2. High ROI (Return on investment). In some place, the payback time can be less than 5years.

3. Suitable for the new policy of different countries, with economic value and social benefit

4. Maximizes wind turbine utilization

Application field

This on Grid system is used widely for home, factory, rural domestic, small holdings, agricultural, commercial, small power station, micro grid power station and some country which allows wind power to connect electricity grid.